Speak Czech or Die! – Prague Reality Survival Game

Speak Czech or Die – Prague Reality Survival Game.

Prague is not only the Charles bridge and the city center!

You will practice your Czech language skills, learn how to commute within the city, read maps and find various places and objects related to Czech culture (and especially the Czech world-famous literary figure), see places you wouldn’t otherwise look.  The three fastest teams can collect a special reward.

Registration (just one student for one team)


It’s an outdoor activity for groups of 3 students. You can start any day of the week after 10 a.m., the time limit is max. 180 minutes.

Pick up an envelope with the number (one envelope for one team) from the box attached to the door of office no. NB257 and make a screenshot of a sealed envelope’s number. We will check the time and date of your photograph. You have 180 minutes to fulfil the quest. The time is an issue – the fastest team wins.