For students of English-taught programmes and Exchange students


All Russian courses are designed only for students who are studying it as a foreign language!

For all those who wants to start with Russian:

Based on English:

  • 2RU121 – 2RU122

Based on Czech:

  • Progression of the courses: 2RU101– 2RU102 – 2RU103 – 2RU104 – 2RU105 – 2RU106
  • Recommended additional courses (after completing at least 2RU104): 2RU411Russian Grammar, 2RU412 Russian Grammar 2, 2RU110 Russian language – Preparation for certificated exam B1

Based on Russian – For all those who wants to study professional Russian:

  • Progression of the courses: 2RU201– 2RU212 – 2RU203 – 2RU214 – 2RU205 – 2RU206
  • Recommended additional courses: 2RU305 Economic Life in Russia,  2RU303 Russian Conversation for Intermediate, 2RU304 Russian Conversation for Advanced


Based on English:

  • For all those who wants just to try to learn Czech for one or two semesters: 2RU131 — 2RU132 – intensive courses (6 ETCS) or 2RU135 (3 ECTS).
  • For all those who wants to learn Czech for more than two semesters: 2RU140 – 2RU145 (3 ECTS)
  • Students have an option to also study Czech grammar (2RU331 — 2RU332).

Based on Russian:

  • 2RU138